Photos: 1 and 2. Projel’s headquarter, in São Paulo – SP | 3. Projel unit in Belo Horizonte – MG.

A successful history

Since its foundation in September 1971, Projel Engenharia Especializada Ltda. has been putting into practice its own concept of consulting, analyzing each problem’s dimension and origin, in order to offer the most suitable solution for each single case. Projel provides the best services to fully meet customer needs, aggregating knowledge across several disciplines and distinct geographic, national and regional levels. The company is nationally recognized in the road works’ field.

During this period, it elaborated more than 3,000.00 km of road projects and supervised over 2,500.00 km of highways in various states.

The company continues to grow and improve its technical and administrative staff, being recognized by the clients for its managerial capacity and the quality of its work.

The headquarter is located in its own building in São Paulo, at Rua Madre Emilie de Villeneuve 637, and it also has branches in Belo Horizonte, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Belém.

Our Units


Rua Madre Emilie de Villeneuve, 637
Vila Santa Catarina – CEP 04367-090
Tel.: 55 11 5564-9410 | Fax: 55 11 5562-5891


Av. João Cabral de Melo Neto, 850
Bloco 3 – Sala 406 – 5º andar
Barra da Tijuca – CEP 22775-057
Tel: 55 21 2439-7138 | Cel.: 55 21 98345-0027


Av. Portugal, 2.335
Santa Amélia – CEP 31555-000
Tel.: 55 31 3241-1976


Rua Municipalidade, 985
Sala 716 – Edifício Mirai Offices
Umarizal – CEP: 66050-350
Tel:  55 91 3348-5679

Our Principles


Provide engineering services with quality and innovation, aiming to exceed clientes expectations, respect the environment and contribute to the growth of all those who are committed to our goals.


Be a reliable option in the consultative engineering segment, ensuring Market recognition for achieving its goals.


Our core values: commitment to quality, professional and ethical commitment.

Projel's Numbers

Turnover of the last 6 years
(R$ x 1.000) and number of employees