About us

Projel started its activities developing Highway Projects in 1971 when it was founded.

It began providing services of Construction Management and Technological Control in 1984, expanding them to other public agencies, town halls, private and public companies. Consequently, it has enlarged its technical staff and facilities.

In 1992 it began operating tolls to DER-SP [Highway Department of São Paulo], service which was later on expanded to highway concessionaires.

In 1997 the company also began operating Weight Stations, using high-tech import equipments, and today this service is extended to several states and highway concessionaires.


Since 1999 inspection services and highway operations have been introduced in the State of São Paulo.

The company acquired in 2004 the radar area and the Operation Technology of Flohr-Erea Ltda., Rio de Janeiro/RJ, a city where Projel Engenharia Especializada Ltda. has since been operating.

After many years, Projel is among the main companies in the sector, always enlarging and improving its technical and managing staff.

Its headquarters is located in its own building in São Paulo, at rua Madre Emilie de Villeneuve, 637, with branches in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte and Salvador.



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