Photos: 1 and 2. Rotary Sounding MRN – Porto Trombeta | 3. Topography. Client: Vale – Port of Tubarão Vitoria ES

Projel started its activities in this sector by carrying out geologic sounding. Subsequently, it expanded to the areas of geotechnical research and monitoring, topography services, aerial surveys, bathymetry and bringing its experience to execute management and inspection contracts.

Research and
Geotechnical Monitoring

  • Mixed Rotary Sounding
  • Auger Sounding
  • Percussion Sounding
  • Collection of undisturbed samples with rotary sounding – Shelby and Denison sampling
  • Collection of undisturbed samples – Undisturbed blocks
  • Collection of disturbed samples
  • Inspection Wells
  • Testing CPTu / Vane test
  • Geotechnical Instrumentation Monitoring

Geologic Sounding

  • Geologic Rotary Drilling
  • Description of Testimonials
  • Sampling
  • Geological Modeling


Construction Management and Supervision Works


Warehouse Management